Beta 1.23


Sybil Beta 1.23

-Some exploitable map areas have been patched.

-Combat improvements, namely better reach and larger hitbox on sword attacks.

-New enemy type in Swamp.

-Push Block puzzle physics glitches should be fixed.

-Push Block position can be reset by hitting with any sword.

-Push Blocks will remain in place unless game is reloaded, but any door unlocked with an associated puzzle remains unlocked upon reload.

-Game now defaults to Shoulder Camera.

-Shoulder Camera zoomed out and slightly angled down for easier platforming.

-Significant performance increase, at the cost of realtime water reflections. (Will pursue other options for realtime reflections in future builds).

-Darkened the player's circular shadow, allowing for better jump placement. 

-Jittery shadows on clouds in the swamp behave correctly now.

-Enemy spawning is now accompanied by a particle effect.

Next build will be uploaded in the coming days. It will feature a new Sword, Shield, Armor, Dungeon with new traps and puzzles, the third Boss, and perhaps a few new enemies and NPCs.


Sybil Beta 1.23 Windows 62 MB
Mar 23, 2018
Sybil Beta 1.2 62 MB
Mar 15, 2018

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